El Paraíso Golf

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News and changes done

El Paraiso Golf

Hole 1

  • Cleaned the stream next to the road bridge
  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway
  • Hidden concrete manholes
  • Reshape sunken area on the left of path next to electric house which used to flood to send water to drainages
  • Shaped the area between the 1st fairway and the 18th tee

Hole 2

  • Level manhole so it cannot be seen as much
  • Join both tee platforms and remove hump
  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway
  • Removal of white flower bed behind green and fill hole further up
  • Level ground with path next to green
  • Plant the plants from flower bed in various areas on the course

Hole 3

  • Levelling and covering manholes next to tee
  • Plant palm trees on the road access from hotel
  • Reform the tee in two levels as requested by Steve McFarlane so the players can see the fairway when playing from the upper platform. 17% more tee surface
  • Levelling of fairway drainages
  • Planted adelfas on the roundabout fence to block view to road from course
  • New drainage line on the new lower tee platform of the tee

Hole 4

  • Transplanted adelfas to block the road view from the tee
  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway
  • Renovated flower bed on the tee

Hole 5

  • Levelled the ground with the curve on the right side of the green
  • Change small palm tree for olive tree and remove hedge

Hole 6

  • Levelled and filled manhole and changed cover
  • Transplanted 4 palm trees and palmito trees next to the 6th tee and toilets

Hole 7

  • Removed soil and Levelled area on the right of the tee and built a drainage manhole
  • Reconditioned the bank area at the front of the 7th mens tee torwards the ladies tee

Hole 9

  • Levelled the ground with the curve on the right side of the tee
  • Mounded ground to hide the big manholes from the water company
  • Cleaned stream and rebuilt rock wall
  • Planted olive and palm trees (between 9th green and 4th tee)

Hole 10

  • New olive trees planted behind the green right of men's block platform

Hole 11

  • Planted new trees on the left of the fairway
  • Planted new trees in the area behind the 11th green and 12th tee
  • Level ground with curve by the ladies tee

Hole 13

  • Removed all grass on tee, levelled and planted new bermuda grass
  • Buried tube by lake and built manhole
  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway
  • Repaired the main irrigation pipe which had collapsed. We were very lucky this break happened while closed. Distance of new pipe 36 metres long and 1 metre wide

Hole 15

  • Filled and repaired numerous manholes on the left hand side of the fairway

Hole 16

  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway
  • Filled and shaped the old drainage below the tee
  • Filled and levelled the ground next to the curve at the beginning of the fairway

Hole 17

  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway

Hole 18

  • Cleaned the border of the lake, repaired lake filling pipe and continued the white stone wall from the 12th green to the 18th tee
  • Lifted and cleaned drainages on fairway

Carpark and Club House

  • Removed hedge installed new watering system and gravel in visitor car park
  • Restored the golfers scupture on the 1st tee
  • Transplanted adelfas on the corner from putting green to be able to see the 1st tee and 18th fairway
  • Painted club house in white
  • Removed hedge in members car park
  • Painted car park lines

Driving Range

  • Renovated the range hut with indoor putting green with laser system and furniture (Tom Coulson)
  • New target green at 175 metres
  • Shaped the soil from left of 1st fairway and on the far right side of the driving range
"You must work very hard to become a natural golfer"
Gary Player - El Paraiso Golf - Estepona, Málaga
The Black Knight